Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up XXXV - climate scientists predict the past (23 jul 13)

Thanks jonova for the graphic.

This is a particularly amusing and revealing example of the 'science' practiced by 'climate scientists':

In normal science, you make predictions, then try to find out if your predictions are wrong. In post-normal, post-modern science, you use post-hoc rationalizations to explain your predictions' failure.

They claim the current pause in global warming is caused by the oceans absorbing heat. Though water is less dense than land, oceans are larger, and they swish around a lot, dragging vast quantities of warm water under the surface. So most of the storage of the sun's warmth is done by the sea.

But why did the oceans decide to swish a bit more, just as global warming scientists were getting comfortable in positions of power? Are they part of the conspiracy to deny the overwhelming evidence for unprecedented, anthropogenic, global warming? 

"Senior climate scientists said that they had always expected periods when the rate of increase in temperatures would level off for a few years". Of course they did! They aren't called 'senior climate scientists' for nothing. We have to pay them.

Note also the statistical trickery. These 'scientists' trumpet the fact that "12 of the 14 hottest years on record occurred since 2000". This is compatible with the levelling-off which has occurred. It could be the top of a bell curve. In fact, it's compatible with any prediction based on the data of the past century. We all know that "global average temperatures are higher now than they have ever been since modern records began". But that is a very short time - just over a century. The question is whether this rise is unprecedented. There is currently no reason to answer that question affirmatively.

"However, measurements from hundreds of ocean floats released over the last decade, which descend and drift to depths of up to 2,000 metres, show that huge amounts of heat from the sea surface is now being transferred to the deep ocean" - ah, but they don't show anything about whether that happened before these ocean floats were put into operation. Why would the oceans suddenly start absorbing extra heat? To make climatologists look like perpetrators of the biggest fraud in the history of science?


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