Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up LXXIII - if you believe in argument from authority, try this (19 may 15)

The hacks of climate "science" often fall into the fallacy called "argument from authority", for example, the idea that peer review adds to the validity of a hypothesis, and claiming that "95% of experts agree". This second argument depends on another logical fallacy - circular reasoning - experts are people who produce expertise, and you can tell expertise, for it is what is produced by experts...

If you believe in  argument from authority, check out this interview with climate skeptic Freeman Dyson: "The weather we've had over the past couple of years seems much more volatile... polar bears having to swim for their lives... ice floes melting... this must concern you." - NPR interviewer. "Climate effects are much less certain... you have to draw a balance... I don't understand it and neither does anyone else... the worst disasters were the ice ages, and no-one really knows the causes of ice ages..." Freeman Dyson -

  • fellow at Trinity with Wittgenstein
  • appointed by Oppenheimer, life professor at the Institute of Advanced Study, alongside Einstein
  • fellow of the American Physical Society
  • member of the National Academy of Sciences
  • fellow of the Royal Society
  • author of a demonstration of the equivalence of the Feynman and Schwinger/Tomonaga theories of quantum electrodynamics {you don't have to understand an argument from authority to use it :}
  • winner of the Max Planck medal

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