Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up LXIX - Naomi Oreskes' new movie and King Cnut (15 mar 15)

King Cnut, or Canute, was an 11th century king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden, together often referred to as the Anglo-Scandinavian or North Sea Empire.

Under an article about a forthcoming movie about "climate change denial", the Guardian's moderators disallowed my comment that Republican governor Rick Scott is "a bit of a Cnut", but allowed me to say this about Naomi Oreskes:

"The story of King Cnut is often misunderstood. His subjects thought he was a divine figure who could stop the sea from rising. He ordered the sea to stop, knowing it wouldn't, in order to show his courtiers that he was only human. It's a shame latter-day Cnuts like Naomi Oreskes lack his modesty."

I suspect it's an accident. The Guardian doesn't really believe Oreskes is more of a Cnut than Scott.

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