Rod McLaughlin

Vail Pass - 10,600 ft (18 may 12)

Rode up to Vail Pass on the bike path from Frisco. The picture is of a sign put at the pass by the Colorado government, which gushes about the 'miracle' that one of the nearby mountains had a pair of crevices which fill with snow, and sometimes show what looks like a crucifix. At the risk of sounding like Richard Dawkins, this is antedisestablishmentarianism. Even museums avoid the 'E' word - Evolution - for fear of offending people who don't believe in it.

I couldn't see the cross. Is this because

  • I'm an unbeliever
  • God was having the day off
  • It has been an exceptionally dry, warm winter
  • Global warming
  • All of the above?

On the way down, I noticed I was dizzy from altitude.

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