Rod McLaughlin

Two articles on the rise of UKIP (24 may 14)

Take your pick:

"The list is extraordinarily long, and includes a belief that there has been too much immigration and that this is reducing the resources available to poorer Brits; the European Union’s never-ending undemocratic power grab; a clash of values between cultural conservatives and metropolitan liberals; a backlash against foreign wars; a belief that MPs are indistinguishable and dishonest; and a broken political system dominated by insular cliques that appears to ignore voters’ concerns."-


"The vile message has been relentless. Remember the “It’s not racist to impose limits on immigration” billboards in the 2005 election. Racism is not just a series of ideas that rise and fall within ordinary people. It is structured into class society and affects things such as the kind of jobs or housing people can access. Our rulers encourage racist attitudes partly to justify this discrimination." -


One of these articles contains a circular argument. Can you see it?

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