Rod McLaughlin

The difference between Microsoft and Google... (04 feb 13) that when Microsoft screws its customers, it does it deliberately.

I bought a desktop PC, intending to put Linux on it. But Windows 8 ovewrites the boot sector, so you can no longer boot from Ubuntu on a CD, or even from a previous version of Windows. There is a way manufacturers can turn off this feature, but they usually don't bother. I also bought a Linksys USB wireless aerial, only to find it only works with Windows.

More about Micro$oft here:

Now Google. I decided to start using Google Drive on my phone, so I just copy a document from my Mac into the Google Drive, then I can look at it remotely on my phone. So I looked for it, on my phone, in 'Apps', under 'Settings'. It gave me a choice: 'Exit' or 'Update'. So I updated. Then I opened it up again, and it said the Verizon App Store is closed, giving me various alternatives. I couldn't be bothered to follow any more wild goose chases.


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