Rod McLaughlin

The curse of the bin Ladens (01 aug 15)

  Sana bin Laden - now reunited with her brother Osama

Has anyone else noticed the remarkable no. of plane crashes involving the bin Laden family and their friends? 

On September 13, 1967, Osama’s father was killed when his Beechcraft 18 crashed on a landing strip near Usran in Saudi Arabia, while he was on his way to marry his 23rd wife.

In 1988 Salem bin Laden, the half-brother of Osama, died when his aircraft drifted into high-voltage power lines in San Antonio, Texas.

On July 31, 2015, bin's sister and stepmother died when their jet crashed, in perfect weather conditions, in Hampshire, UK.

And in 2001, no less than 19 of his mates died in plane crashes in the USA.

Coincidence or conspiracy? I wonder...

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