Rod McLaughlin

My advice on cycling in Cornwall (01 jul 12)


The bike maps show a route winding around the UK's Southwesternmost county from top to bottom and side to side. It's like a giant San Francisco - the dangerous major roads follow the main valleys. This leaves the minor roads - and the bike routes - climbing up and down minor valleys. Though the hills are small (up to about 30 metres), the valleys are steep.

I had to push my bike on many occasions. I needed the workout though, having spent so much time indoors in Britain's rainiest June since 1860:

The minor roads are steep (up to 20%) and have earth sides. They are mostly wide enough for one car. Even on a bike, you sometimes have to reverse into a turn-in to let a tractor pass. 

It was good to get to Devon - over the Tamar Bridge from Saltash - Plymouth on Armed Forces Day. I just saw the last plume of smoke from the Red Devils air display squadron.


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