Rod McLaughlin

Marlborough (30 may 12)

Five days of doing very little in Oxford. Camped at Caravan and Camping Club 426 Abingdon Rd.

Lovely pubs by the river, the memorial to the martyrs Ridley and Latimer, the Ashmolean Museum, which is like a miniature British Museum - mummies, the history of Egypt from 3200 BC to 320 AD, Indian, Roman and Greek statues... It's best to concentrate on one period of history.

On the way home from the pub, on the way to the Thames towpath, saw Britain's largest wild animal - a badger. The first time I have ever seen one. It was dark, in a park, and it was running fast, but it ran right past me, and its black and white striped face was unmistakable. 


From Oxford - A-420 - Cunmor Hill - Cunmor - Appleton - Netherton - Longworth - Pusey - Shellingford - Longcot - Shrivenham - Hinton Parva (ask) - Wanborough - Upper (or was it Greater?) Wanborough

It was plain sailing 'til I got to Wanborough, where there was a thunderstorm. I dived into a forest, running through nettles and getting stung, but still got soaked. Luckily I had a change of clothes. The ride was mostly on side roads but then at Chiseldon I found a bike path, then lost it. I ended up doing some of the A-346 - a nightmarish road with lots of fast traffic and no path. 


One night in a basic campsite on the A-345 south of Marlborough. Another night in a less basic one, Hillview Park, a little further down the A-345, left at Sunnyhill Lane.

If you continue down Sunnyhill Lane, there is a bridleway to Pewsey on the right.



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