Rod McLaughlin

Lucerne Valley after night in desert (27 oct 12)

Turns out there is a first-rate bike store in Barstow - Cycle Pros.


Cycle Prosmore info
820 East Williams Street
Barstow, CA 92311
(760) 255-1816
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The one bike store in town. The guy fixes motorbikes, BMXs, and ordinary bikes. And he had no problem putting a spoke on my recumbent. 

Lucerne Valley is about 36 miles from Barstow - a little less if you ignore Google's directions and go straight down CA 247/Barstow Road. 

Went to the Slash-X café (see picture) but didn't like the loud country music. Carried on. Going too fast downhill, the bike started wobbling. I came off the road and got very scratched sliding on the gravel. Camped in the desert. Now I'm in a café in Lucerne Valley. It's about 50 miles to Joshua Tree, so I'll spend another night camping. 


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