Rod McLaughlin

I'm in the UK (22 may 12)

I'm in the UK

Heathrow Airport. No problem assembling bike and riding out of the airport to Staines, homeland of Ali G. Google maps wasn't very helpful. Had to ask lots of people the way to Reading. Most people in Britain appear to be Polish, except the ones who are Turkish.

Eventually found myself on a giant roundabout over the M4, only one of whose exits was not a motorway. Took it, and by luck, found the next right was going exactly where I was headed, via leafy lanes. 

There are lots of bike routes, but they have gates and underpasses which are difficult to negotiate on a 9-foot recumbent/trailer combination.

One thing that really annoys me is the roundabouts have fences to stop pedestrains trying to get across them. British roads are not designed for cars, but the authorities make sure that people and bikes give way, on Saxon and Roman roads, to motor vehicles.


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