Rod McLaughlin

Criticisms of George Galloway's attitude to forced marriage removed from the Guardian (14 apr 15)

Comment 1:

"I cannot believe that Galloway is so ignorant as to allege that because Shah’s mother was present, the marriage was not forced."

Galloway belongs to the British left. It is in cahoots with the most reactionary anti-female group of people in the country - some of the Sunni Muslim men. The left helped cover up for the gangs exposed in the Jay report, calling their opponents 'racist'. It is not at all surprising to see this leftist politician attacking someone who is trying to criticize Islamic reaction from within.


Comment 2:

"I know that the most important thing we can do for women in this situation is to believe them"

There are people who always believe women. One of them writes regularly in the Guardian. Unfortunately, they believe the wrong women - not women trapped in Islam, but feminists at universities.


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