Rod McLaughlin

A final farewell to Microsoft (02 nov 13)

I just finished a six-month gig with a company which uses Microsoft Windows. I hadn't seen it for years, but it hasn't changed. It still crashes at regular intervals, showing a blue screen (see picture). It still slows down any hardware it runs on, making it almost unusable - "Intel giveth, and Microsoft taketh away". The PC I had to use at work sometimes took up to fifty minutes to get started in the morning, whereas my Mac Air at home, with a quarter of the processor speed and memory, is up in five seconds. I never have to restart it. It never crashes.

The company I'm going to work for next is a lot smarter. Although it is a PC manufacturer, it doesn't force its developers to use PCs. And if you do use a PC, you can install Linux. Many years ago, I took a picture of the 'blue screen of death' familiar to Microsoft victims, and wrote a blog page about it: I optimistically predicted I'd said goodbye to Microsoft.

Hopefully this time I'm right.

Correction, Nov 14:

In fact, we do have to use Windows at the new job. But only for about ten minutes a day. The company supplies each worker with an expensive laptop, just for reading corporate communications emails. After a week and a half, guess what happened?

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