Rod McLaughlin

A comment critical of political correctness censored for political incorrectness (27 jun 14)

I commented on an article in the Guardian by Lola Okolosie, which criticized the actor Gary Oldman for offensive language, and the habit of complaining about political correctness as "humorless language policing", as follows, and by deleting my comment, and the replies, the Guardian's moderators confirmed what I said:

This is a revealing article, exposing how leftist thought-policing helps those with power. Political correctness is worse than "humorless language policing". It has been and is being, used to

  •  get people fired for sympathizing with the Palestinians
  •  undermine freedom of speech in meetings
  •  help police infiltration and undermining of movements
  •  frame up people because their accuser belongs to an oppressed group, and the defendants don't

There is one exception. Gary Oldman criticized the group which benefits from censorship without being an underdog.



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